David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

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Music we've played (ex-bands and ex-duos)

Jo first. Dave's music is a bit further down this page.

Jo's music


1981 ??? ??? JoCa
???? ???? The Gig For The Curious

Dave's music

I've been playing music since I was fifteen.

The fiddle (or should I call it violin?), both acoustic and electric, is what I play most. But I have also dabbled with several other instruments. And I sing too.

Here is a list of (most of) the bands, or duos or whatever, that I've been in: click on the name for more info, and pics if I have any. Some of the dates may not be quite right. My memory for dates isn't that good.

From To Name
2004 present FiddleBop
1996 2000 Westron Wynd
1986 1993 Chris and Dave
1985 1994 Tricks Upon Travellers (TUT)
c. 1984 Cripple Creek
c. 1984 Rat'n'Bat Barn Dance Band
1983 1984 Dave and Kim
1982 1983 Childe of Hale
1981 The Poachers
1981 Timesquare
1980 c. 2000 Mortlock and Underwood
1978 1980 The Rollright Stones
1977 The Worcester Brawles
1976 Wildgust
c. 1971 With Peter Kearney

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