David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

Our Loft

OK, so why this website? And why call it 'Our Loft'?

Jo and Dave

We already have two websites: FiddleBop ('Jazz Swing with that Gypsy Zing!') and Jo's Paintings and Poems. Plus Dave also has Chippy Jazz and Music (CJAM) and The Soil Erosion Site. But what do we do with stuff that doesn't really belong in any of these sites?

What does anyone do with these things? Spare stuff, things you don't want to throw away, but also don't want cluttering up the place..?

Storing it in a loft or an attic seems to be a pretty common tactic. Hmmm.... a loft. We actually live in a converted loft: this is what it used to look like. Our loft, before we lived in it

Our loft-home has all sorts of things stored in the eaves, in our triangular under-the-eaves crawl tunnels that remind me of the access tubes in the Starship Enterprise.

So why not put our spare digital stuff into a online loft? And so we have: this website. 'Our Loft'!