David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

Our Loft

OK, so why this website? And why call it 'Our Loft'?

Jo and Dave Our loft, before we lived in it

We — that's us on the left — already have the FiddleBop ('Gypsy Jazz: re-imagined') and the Barn Annexe, Wales websites.

And Jo has Jo's Paintings and Poems, and Dave has the Soil Erosion Site and the RillGrow websites.

But what do we do with stuff that doesn't belong in any of these?

What does anyone do with these kinds of things? Spare stuff, not trash or rubbish. Things you don't want to throw away, but also don't want cluttering up the place..?

Storing it in a loft or an attic seems to be a pretty common tactic.

Hmmm.... a loft. We used to live in a converted loft, before we moved to Wales. The gloomy-looking pic on the right is what the loft looked like before the builders got to work.

Our loft-home had all sorts of things stored in the eaves. So why not put our spare digital stuff into an online loft?

And so we have this website. Our Loft!

But unlike most lofts, it isn't gloomy. Quite colouful and bright, in fact... anyway, we hope you enjoy Our Loft.