David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

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Childe of Hale

Dave played fiddle and other instruments in Childe of Hale around 1982 to 1983. This short-lived, but rather good, band played folk-rock with an emphasis on melody, a la Steeleye Span. Mandy Evans supplied the vocals (fine singing, Mand!) and keyboards, Andy Norman played bass, and Pete Kenna (ex-Rollrights, like me) was on guitar and accordion.

The original Childe of Hale was a giant from Hale (duh!) near Liverpool. it seemed like a good name for the band since Mandy, Andy and Pete were all Liverpudlians. We used the slogan "Giant music!" in our publicity material.

This was a really enjoyable band to be in, despite my own life being somthing of a mess at that time. We were based in Warwickshire, and spent hours in the pub (the Merry Lion, as it was then named) at Fenny Compton. Andy worked behind the bar, and we'd all attempt to write songs. And drink beer. Some songs were OK even after we'd sobered up the next day! And we gigged mostly in the midlands. Once at a dodgy beer festival, where the floors were awash with liquids of all kinds (yuk!). And for one gig, I dyed what was left of my hair a bright blue. Then I slept on Mandy and Andy's nice sofa. When I woke the next morning, the arm of the sofa was also blue. And the dye wouldn't come off. O dear! I still feel guilty about that, sorry Mandy (wherever you are)...