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Mortlock and Underwood

Dave Mortlock and Frank Underwood c. 1981: Frank standing, Dave sitting

From 1980 to about 2000, I played regularly as a duo with Frank Underwood. With no great orginality, we called ourselves Mortlock and Underwood. The duo mostly played blues, ragtime and folk, with Frank on guitar and keyboards and me on fiddle, flute, mandolin, recorder, spoons, kazoo and whatever; both of us sang.

Frank and I met in Woolworths (now vanished) in Banbury, and did lots of gigs in all kinds of odd places. Most of these I cannot now remember (though Frank probably can). Some which I do remember were:

Dave on flute, Frank on guitar, in 2004 (photo by Jem Hayward)

Tho' we no longer gig together regularly, Frank and me still get together (often with friends) for the occasional gig..

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