David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

Our Loft

Dave's music with Peter Kearney

I am really grateful to Peter Kearney, who encouraged me to start learning to play the fiddle in the early 1970s.

For my first ever gig, I banged a drum (on the off-beat, off-puttingly for the other musicians) for Peter's recorder ensemble who were playing in Basildon town centre, somewhere near the Post Office.

A few years later (by which time Peter and his partner Madge had left Basildon and moved somewhere near Wellingborough), I played fiddle on Pete's recordings of some of his own (excellent) songs. The recording setup was not sophisticated. To increase the volume level when I soloed, I had to step up onto a brick, to get nearer the microphone. I still have a copy of the recording.