David Favis-Mortlock & Joanna Davies

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Wildgust at Worcester College, c. 1976. Me on the left on banjo, Dick Langford playing mandolin on the right

Wildgust was my very first proper band!

We were based in Worcester. I'd moved there in late 1975, just after finishing at Lancaster University. My former school chum from Basildon Dick Langford was on guitars, mandolin and other instruments, with me on fiddle, banjo and other instruments, and Martin Thorne (also from Basildon) on guitar. All of us sang.

Wildgust live at a pub in Worcester, c. 1976

Wildgust did only a few gigs before 'differences in musical direction' pulled us apart.

The photo on the right shows me and Dick playing in the bar of Worcester Teacher Training College (now the University of Worcester). I still have a recording of another of our gigs on audio cassette, this time in a Worcester pub then called 'The Pheasant' (I think).

We tried, I guess, to sound like the Incredible String Band, still one of my all-time favourite influences. Though we didn't succeed, I'm glad we tried.