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The Poachers

The unforgettable Poachers were an old-school folk group, Banbury-based; I substituted for their 'proper' fiddler for a year or so in the early 1980s. Bernie (guitar and lead vocals), Mike (lots of instruments such as mandolins and guitars and things, plus vpocals), and Ed (whistle, flute and vocal) were very funny, natural entertainers. At least think they were hugely entertaining, but I am not exactly sure because I don't think I was ever sober for more than a few minutes at any of the many Poacher's gigs. These must have been great fun, if I could only remember them.

One newspaper cutting (which I still have) said, "By the time midnight struck, the Poachers group had enlarged considerably with enthusiastic members from the audience".

I do remember at one gig being carried on Mike's shoulders whilst playing my fiddle. I have no idea why I didn't end up smashing my bow against the ceiling.

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