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The Rollrights duo

A couple of years after the demise of the Rollright Stones, Pete Kenna and me decided to do some gigs as a duo, calling ourselves The Rollrights (we had become fed up with jokes from comperes along the lines of "... not the Rolling Stones, but the Rollright Stones"). We included much of the material from the old Rollright Stones in our sets, but added a few more contemporary songs.

One of the experiments which we tried at that time was playing folk dance tunes with a drum machine. The technology was still pretty primitive, but taught me a few things which came in handy years later, with Tricks Upon Travellers.

The Rollrights duo did some Belgian gigs in November 1981, this time we traversed the country. At one gig, we were told we could sleep in the bar where we'd been playing, and (once it had closed) help ourselves to any drinks or snacks which took our fancy. So we did this, not unwillingly. I remember that we worked our way through a very wide range of alcoholic beverages. During which Pete accidentally ate a pepperami snack with the plastic wrapper still on it. I work the next morning with a headache beyond all headaches.

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