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Dave and Chris

This guitar-and-fiddle jazz-blues-folk duo was Brighton-based. I had been introduced to guitarist Chris Wolferstan by his then girlfriend Theresa Conrad in a pub (the natural habitat for Chris) near Brighton station. but I saw no more of him till I encountered him in one of the sea-front shelters, some months later. Chris was out of money, and miserable. Theresa had said that Chris was a fine guitarist and I had nothing else tro do that day so I went to grab my fiddle and we set off for the Brighton Lanes to try busking there.

It turned out that Chris was a truly excellent guitarist. We sounded good together, and the passers-by must have agreed because we actually blocked the street with the crowds who gathered to hear us. (The streets are very narrow there, however. Really, it was more of an alley.) But then I was introduced to Chris' bete noir, because when we'd grown tired he said to me "How about a drink?" We went to a pub and spent all that we had earned.

We played together regularly after that, whenever Chris was sober enough. As well as a good few gigs, we also busked at Brecon Jazz Festival once. We played in the car park, with Chris' then-girlfriend Louise Hutchinson collecting money in a hat.

I'm grateful to Chris, not just for some fun gigs together, but also for showing me more about jazz harmonization. Ta v much Chris!

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