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Tricks Upon Travellers (TUT)

From 1985 to 1994 Dave played electric fiddle in manic Brighton folk-punk band Tricks Upon Travellers (TUT). The lineup varied, but Graeme Hobbs was always the main vocalist, and Dick Langford the main guitarist. Plus there as me, on fiddle, tin whistle, and bouzouki (I might have played a bit of mandolin too, I can't remember now). Sometimes we were a full seven-piece band (e.g. with Dulles Foster on drums, Martin Sharpe also on guitar, Mike Skinner on bass, and Jules Lawrence on sax and flute) while at other times just Graeme, Dick and me gigged with drum and bass machines ("the perfect blend of sweat and technology", as Graeme once put it).

Our songs (almost all by Graeme and Dick), had titles like "Jelly", "Another Zombie Bloodbath", "Invasion of the Slug Creatures", etc.

Tricks Upon Travellers was a great name: and we mostly sounded pretty good (one c. 1991 review in Rock'n'Reel described TUT as having a "... varied musical background helping them create a clever mix of sound"). And the band was a lot of fun to be in (if somewhat argumentative at times).

We did quite a lot of gigs, scattered across the southern half of England. Ones that stand out (in my memory at least) were:

At the same time as being in TUT, I did many PA hires together with friend Angie (as Vamphire: great name, Ange!). I shall never forget all those evening treks around 1986-7 in a battered van from Brighton up to the Black Horse in Camden Town, London, then getting back at 3am, ready for work the next morning... No wonder I took so long to finish my PhD thesis!

TUT continued with a different fiddler, Mark ('Madfiddler') Knight, after I left the band. And the name lives still! Dick Langford started TUT2, and the original name is now used by another band. We had a reunion in Brighton in August 2013 (I think), but I left the fiddle playing to Mark Madfiddler.

Here are some mp3 files from recordings made with the full-band version of TUT, with me on fiddle.